Why EVERY Freight Forwarder should offer a parcel delivery service

    Improve Your Customer Relations

    Customer relationships are key to developing any business and vital to a transactional business like freight forwarding. One great way to develop deeper and more secure customer relationships is to offer a wider range of services.

    Quick and Easy

    Smooth Parcel allows freight forwarders to add a European Parcel delivery service to their offering in a simple, cost effective way, your customer can use our software to produce delivery labels for their parcels anywhere in the world. Once the parcels are packed and labeled you pick them up and manage the freight as normal, delivering the parcels into our depot at the airport in Manchester UK. We sort them and pass to the courier for delivery – it’s really simple and it can add a huge additional revenue stream to your business.

    Software and Support are Included FREE

    We offer a cutting-edge software system for you and your customers to use with billing built in from us to you and you to your customer, all deliveries are fully tracked and returns are taken care of as well.

    Greet Margins and more Shipping

    Our list price for delivery of a 1Kg Parcel to Germany is just $4.50 and to the UK only $4.00 with discounts available. Get In touch today to see our full price list and find out more about this opportunity to grow your business.

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