Smooth Parcel

Smooth Parcel is the best and most cost effective way to ship small parcels from Hong Kong and China to customers in the EU.
We serve online retailers, eBay and Amazon sellers and corporate customers who ship 1,000s of parcels per week.

Smooth Parcel is easy to use and great value for money.

Smooth Parcel Integrations

We integrate with lots of sales platforms and we use the worlds leading couriers to deliver your parcel, we are adding new platform integrations and new courier options every day.
Contact Us with your specific requiremnts.

Smooth Parcel Product Features

Easy to Use

Save yourself time with our quick and easy shipping.
Just click to generate all the labels and documents for your shipment then print and go.

Ship WorldWide

Use Smooth Parcel to ship your products anywhere all over the world.

*Subject, of course to international legal restrictions

Save Money

Smooth Parcel offers superb value for money, our rates are the best in the business for all customers and payment is quick simple.

Smooth Parcel is fast to set up and easy to use

Give it a try today, you can sign up using your Shopify ID, Facebook or Google Account and we accept payment by
Credit Card or PayPal

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